Solving Multi-Lingual Keyboard Woes

Any one who has used a Windows computer with their location/language set to Canada has likely experienced this issue.
Suddenly, for no apparent reason, you end up typing French characters instead of the ones you want.

It happens all the time, you are typing, and accidentally enter some funny key stroke combination (or are doing so because its required in whatever application you’re in) and suddenly slashes are question marks, curly brackets are carets and your brain starts to melt with frustration.

When I played World of Warcraft one of my guildmates was from Quebec…we were often assailed by French invectives when we suddenly saw him typing accents and other characters common in the French language.

I was coding today when I noticed several times that my keyboard changed to French. This is a new machine at work, but I’ve been using it for more than a week with no problem.

Not able to type {} (an essential programmer thing) I went on a quest to ensure this never happens to me again.

I’ve seen other people looking for solutions on this, so here’s how to get rid of this on a Windows 7 machine once and for all.

Control Panel->Region and Language->Change Keyboards

Here you can click on languages and remove them:


I’ve already removed the languages, but I found that I couldn’t switch away from the French layout.
So, I went back and this time I clicked on the tab Advanced Key Settings…and here I found the culprit!

I forget what the default “Switch to French Layout” key combination was, but I set it to none. I then set to switch to the US layout with CTRL-0.


Clicked Apply and everything was cool…


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