Finding the Console Window

Sending debugging and tracing info to the console is a fantastic way to reduce time debugging and tweaking code.

You’ll see it mentioned in almost every thread answering a programming question ever.

However, there are many coders who have difficulty finding where the console window is.

For web pages,  most browsers have debugging tools which can be accessed by hitting the F12 key.  You will see several tabs,  but one of them should be labelled Console.

In .NET,  its really tricky.

In VS2012 at least,  you need to go to the Application tab of the “Properties” page for your project.

You’ll see ‘Output Type’,  and a drop down.  Select ‘Console Application’, and every time you run you’re app,  the console window will appear.

But please, for the love of all that is holy…..remember to switch it back to ‘Windows Application’ for your release build!


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