My Coding Playlist

Music is like religion to me.

A close friend once told me that she can tell how my life is really going by what music I’m listening to.

She refused to elaborate,  knowing full well it would change the algorithm.

My various playlists have everything from Five Finger Death Punch to Handel’s Water Music.

You will find they are heavy with Electronica though.   This surprises many as I’m months away from my 50th birthday and am not inclined to attend “Raves”  (most of them happen after my bedtime).

Electronica is my preferred “Coding Music”.   It is energetic,  powerful and driving,  however it mostly lacks any sort of lyric or message that will stop me dead in my tracks.  “Eat, Sleep, Rave Repeat” was an exception,  I was laughing when I first listened.

I thought I would share the favorites from my Coding Playlist.  Those that have lasted the longest.

That Miami Track – Tocadisco

You’ll Find Yourself featuring Sarah Howells   John O’Callaghan

Better Off Alone:  Alice Deejay

Galvanize: Chemical Brothers

And of course…

Eat Sleep Rave Repeat : Fatboy Slim

That should keep you going for awhile 🙂


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