How I reassure users that even us IT Pros are human…

Anyone whose worked in the IT world has encountered situations where a user might feel a bit embarrassed when you fix a problem what seemed kind of obvious.   You know the types of situations where the situation can be resolved by plugging in the device.

Being a fallible human,  I have more than my fair share of these…and have posted some of them here

Whenever I need to reassure someone that I’m not at all put out by the situation I tell them my Snowblower Story….and yes, this is a true story.

A few  years ago I lived in Barrie Ontario which was frequently hit with heavy snowfalls.
Shortly after we got hit with about 3ft of the white stuff I suited up and headed down to my garage to fire up the snow blower.

It wouldn’t start….I tried everything!!!

I happened to have the tear down manual for the snow blower, and having no aptitude for mechanical things, decided that it shouldn’t be an issue to tear down the workings and find the problem.

Some time later I had all the external stuff stripped off, and was about to take apart the motor itself (I don’t know why…while I understand the principles of the internal combustion engine I did not have any experience, knowledge or skill in fixing them),  my friend and neighbour Tim came over with a couple of beers to see why I hadn’t cleared out my drive (and his).

When I told him what I was up to, he chuckled and moved the gas tank so he could sit down.

As he did so he paused…

He then handed the gas tank to me and asked if it was empty when I started…

Yes…yes it was.

Sometimes a zebra is just a donkey!


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