I am a professional full-stack programmer specializing in healthcare and data mining and visualization.

I am passionate about healthcare, and of course love to code.

This is my personal blog


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  1. hi
    i have 1 channel that will (tcp listener) will listen HL7 messgae form RIS SYSTEM and store it db … and my aim is to send acknowledge message to the RIS system for the conformation .

    the message form ate is ACK :

    MSH|^~\&||XXX||XXX|20160519164001||ACK|366612|P|2. 3

    PLEASe suggest me how to send ack message ?


    • Hi
      I changed jobs so I don’t have an instance of Mirth here to send you screenshot and exact code but I’ll do my best to point you in the right direction.
      Mirth will generate acks if you set the response in the source to auto respond.
      You can have it ack if the message is successful at source by selecting before processing.
      If you select after processing, you will need to tell it which destination will be sending the response.
      If the destination successfully processes the message, it will send an ack, otherwise it will nack.

      If you want to create a custom response you can do that in the destination response transformer.

      I’m typing this on my phone so I don’t really want to type out a bunch of code. If you are still having problems let me know and I’ll try to help you out when I’m at a proper keyboard.


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